ChattaBOOga Ghost Walk & Talk of the 1800s

Family and Pet Friendly Haunted History Walk. Walk along the streets in one of the most Haunted cities in the USA. Chattanooga is full of ghosts pre-dating to the Civil War days.


Meet your spirit guide at the corner of 703 Chestnut St and discover the dark history of Chattanooga’s haunted past along the way.

Be sure to bring a camera for the chance to grab some spirits on film and receive a free digital copy of the tour as a keepsake.

*Follow along as we meet BuBu, the ghostly concierge of a haunted hotel.
*Visit the former sight of blacksmith shop where they never stopped working
*Walk the place of prehistoric man eaters and try not to get eaten
*See the mass grave site where dozens of lost souls still roam
*Uncover the lost “DEATH HOLE” of Chattanooga and the spirits that still dwell there.
*And many more chilling tales along the way.