Several years ago, I decided that my future in the restaurant business would most likely not remain in the realm of fine dining and gourmands, but would rather lean towards the style of restaurant that I found myself frequenting most often – places that provided consistency and quality at a price that was fair for the quality of the food and experience.

At the same time, I wasn’t sure I could let go of the comforts of running a fine dining restaurant, such as impeccable fish, seasonal and local produce and competent service.  So I started working on a plan to keep the things I liked about fancy restuarants (great fish and meats, good service, a nice wine list, etc) and losing the things I didn’t like (required reservations, snooty service, menus that require a dictionary and high price tags).

The result of these musings is Public House Chattanooga, named for the pubs and local restaurants that serve as an extension of a community – a gathering place for anyone seeking good food and drink.  The Public House Restaurant menu plays to the comforts of good, solid food, while applying the principles of premium food products to a more casual dining setting.

On our main menu, you will find all the fish delivered from Foley’s in Boston, high quality steaks and a rotating selection of vegetable sides that are true to the region and season.  You’ll also find a really good hamburger and fish sandwich, along with fun snacks and small plates that pair well with cocktails, beer and wine.  We want you to choose this Chattanooga restaurant for a lot of different reasons and occasions, from a business dinner or special occasion to a quick bite to eat.

Welcome.  Make yourself at home.

– Nathan Lindley